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We sell a whimsical & musical storytelling that excite & personalize mobile user using our media content creation

We create a creative intellectual property for smartphone & tablet. And turning that IP into a branded media content using creative mobile apps strategy by outreaching the mobile user. Amin Kamis, mobile artist, visualizes brand as a visual narration that personalize, engaging and igniting. And we extract our stories into plots to create curiosity.

We provide a singing picture storybook that can sing for your children during playtime without your children to read.

We have our own company theme song. So cool.

singing picture book

ChickyFox - Singing Picture Book

The app starts with cover page where the main theme plays and you are instructed to swipe to go to the next page. What follows are 8 pages which contains 1 song each, an illustration for each song with the lyrics of the song written.

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couple music

Couple Music

The best six personalized music greeting iPhone app dedicated for your loved one, that intended for love addict.

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Our Work

We create emotional brand value for creative content that nurturing and engaging you on the go. Besides, we create visual narration to market your products using brand strategy.

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Milestones to date

In 2012, we were awarded a registered trademark certificate from MyIPO for our core company's intellectual property, Happy Ring Ring